ISA is a market leader in the design and manufacture of both chilled and frozen refrigerated display equipment, offering a full range of displays and serve-overs with solutions for patisseries, supermarkets, convenience stores, bakers, delicatessens, coffee shops and cafes. The broad range of products provides great flexibility, affording clients the freedom to choose the specific products that are best suited to their establishments and to their personal tastes, in terms of size, performance and style.

ISA also offers an extensive collection of promotional and professional ice cream scooping display cabinets capable of meeting the requirements of any type of customer worldwide, from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Icematic provides a comprehensive range of ice-making machines, suitable for both small and large applications. Icematic ice-makers, are well known for their performance, reliability and easy installation system.

The innovative, trouble free Icematic paddle system ensures perfect ice every time. The paddle system of production greatly reduces scale build up often found in spray production systems and with clear crystalline thimble shape ice cubes drinks are cooled quickly and stay cooler for longer.

Wega manufactures espresso machines in Italy with the highest quality standards. Whether you are a small operation or a large multi-location corporation. We’ll show you why Wega Espresso Machines are the right choice.All models of Wega espresso machines are built on a robust steel chassis which is electroplated and assembled using stainless steel impact screws. The internal components of the machine are manufactured from copper, brass, and aluminium alloy ensuring a long and reliable life span. This technology is crucial for providing temperature stability which allows more consistent quality in the cup. This to system has allowed Wega become one of the most trusted espresso machine manufacturers in Europe

Fri-Jado develop, produce and install high-quality equipment for preparing, storing and merchandising hot and cold food products worldwide. Products include commercial rotisseries, heated and refrigerated merchandisers, bakery ovens and combi-steamers.

These are efficient, reliable and thoughtfully designed systems that enable supermarkets, butchers, bakers, fast-food outlets and restaurants to to function with maximum efficiency. The cooking line consists of equipment that meets professional standards, is simple to operate, and offers appetizing food presentation.

Founded in Sweden in 1948, Sveba Dahlen is an industry leader in industrial baking equipment. Efficiency is largely dependent on how the system is put together. Clients have their own specific needs and requirements, and so Sveba-Dahlen now specialise in customising energy-efficient solutions for each and every type of industrial bakery. A facility that’s tailor made for the job using equipment that enjoys low maintenance and low operating costs is also a major profitability factor, as is access to rapid, round-the-clock service. Sever Dahlen provides all of this.

Innovair Corporation is committed to being one of the world’s most efficient manufacturers in air conditioning equipment.With both residential and commercial divisions, Innovair can provide high quality air conditioning systems for any home or business project. 

A leader in the market for cold product dispensers, Ugolini recently focussed its attention on reinforcing its range of hot drinks dispensers. The new Delice 3 hot chocolate machine complemented the previous one to best meet the needs of outlets with medium-low consumption. Products are developed by a team of designers who pay careful attention to new technology and the needs of our customers. The utmost attention to quality, detail and functionality combined with the use of the latest design technologies ensures that their products are appreciated around the world.

Tecumseh Products Company is renowned for bringing an extra dimension of product innovation, customer reliance, and product quality to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.ecumseh has responded to the challenges of the refrigeration and air conditioning marketplace for over seven decades, leading the way with improved products and service in support of the industry we serve.  A company-wide dedication to quality control has already earned Tecumseh the highest quality rating from major refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers.

Comenda manufactures and markets more than 200 dishwashing solutions, from the smallest glass-washers for bars, through to large automated continuous flow systems for restaurants, hospitals, canteens, and in-flight catering. One of the industry’s top players both in Europe and worldwide, Comenda also designs and installs customized solutions for individual space and workload specifications using a perfect blend of advanced research, design expertise and technical know-how

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