Our Services


Thermo Dynamics provides the services of supplying, installing and maintaining the various types of air conditioning systems. To be specific, there are two (2) main categories of air conditioning: Chilled Water Systems and Direct Expansion (DX) Systems. We also handle supplying, installing and maintaining the various types of brand name refrigeration systems. These systems are some ares categorized by the following means:

 Food processors.

*Ammonia refrigeration

Marine Refrigeration

Supermarket Refrgeration

*Commercial applications: ice machines, Quick Shops, Restaurants, Mortuaries.

*Coil Coating/Services



In the refrigeration industry, structural insulated panel rooms have complemented the refrigeration equipment to give the customer a reliable, cost effective and efficient solution to their needs. Structural insulated panels (SIP) are a composite building material. 

Thermo Dynamics offers insulation services for every sector.


At Thermo Dynamics , we pride ourselves in providing the best quality industrial solutions for areas such as

*Design & Infrastructure

*Maintenance & Repair

*Parts/Tools/Components Supplier

*Project Management

*Remote Monitoring Solutions

Evaporator Coil Services

Thermo Dynamics Provides Various Evaporator Coil Services Such As : 

Coil Coating

Coil Cleaning / Repair

Coil Rebuilding / Replace

Service Maintenance 


For more information about specific services, please contact us.